Goldeneye 007: Online Gaming

It feels like a lifetime since I first slipped that Goldeneye cartridge into my Nintendo 64. Much like everyone in my age group, I didn’t know what to expect from the game. In hindsight I only purchased it due to the fact that the newest Bond movie in 10 years was coming out. What I did get changed my mind and possibly the very idea of first person shooters at the time. Which to this day is one of the greatest shooters to ever grace any console ever. So now ten years later we get a re-imagining of this game for the Wii, but can it leave up to such a great legacy without Rare behind the helm?



You will feel like you’re actually in a James Bond film. While the game takes some liberties with the story from the original Goldeneye. It only does it so it can match up to Daniel Craig’s more modern portrayal of Bond. It still features famous lines and moments from the movies, while making surprisingly good changes to the action. It’s a story that offers surprises to people who have played the N64 version to death, while offering something and appealing for new players.

James Bond is completely in your hands. You are 007 and it isn’t something that you will question in Goldeneye. Not only do you have the skills to take down your enemies, but you have the gadgets that will turn the tide of battle. James Bond will use his cellphone to scan for familiar faces, or snap pictures to send to MI6 for more information. You can also use different tactics in the field that don’t require you to shoot people, like activating switches that can lead to clearing rooms without breaking a sweat.

The graphics border on being a Next-Gen game. When you first see Goldeneye open up, you’ll wonder if you have your 360 or PS3 on. The lighting and weather effects instantly show off what the Wii can really do. I could state that this is possibly one of the best looking games on the Wii. The environment is rich in detail, and the character models hold up fairly well under scrutiny. Add in some well done action cut-scenes, and you automatically have an impressive First Person Shooter.

The controls are fairly smooth with the Wii-remote. When it first starts things will be a bit rough, but if you stick with it long enough. The shooting mechanics become second nature, taking down bad guys will be as easy as shooting a real gun. If things get a bit rough you can always choose to focus on enemies, this will allow you to auto-aim on targets close to your reticule. It’s a simple game mechanic once you get used to it.

Your enemies are the perfect match for James Bond. To call the bad guys in Goldeneye 007 weaklings, would be the worst decision you could ever make. They’ll constantly slide up behind you like ninjas to take you out. If you’re shooting at them from a far, most of the time they’ll out shoot you with perfect aim. Even on the default difficulty setting, these guys are ruthless assassins sent to destroy you.


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