Weight Training Tips

  Another way to get enough weight training for each body part and still get the required rest is to split your routine. A 3 way weight training split routine with an off day every third day will give you 4 or 5 days in between body part workouts. If you train every muscle with high intensity this shouldn’t be too many days in between each individual muscle workout. Never weight train a muscle that’s still sore from it’s last workout. You’ll want your muscles to be fresh to get the proper training intensity.
  Focus on compound exercises in your weight training routine more than isolation exercises. A good rule of thumb when it comes to weight training is to start each muscle workout with compound exercises and save the isolation exercises for the end of the workout. Compound exercises will work more muscles at the same time and will give you a bigger boost in your testerone level.

  Make sure you use proper weight training form on your exercises. You’ll target the muscle you’re working better and avoid injuries. Nothing will halt your progress like an injury to one of your muscles or joints. Be especially careful with major compound exercises like squats and deadlifts.
  You’ll find tons of great weight training advice on training each bodypart, splitting your routine, using proper form, breaking through plateaus, and more at this site. Here’s to your weight training success.
Resource: Freefit Fitness

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